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Welcome back to Overseas With A Carry On!

In our short time together, I've been known to post a write-up every other Sunday but last Sunday was a little different. There happened to be this once-a-year phenomenon known as the Superbowl that took place. Everything plays second fiddle to this media frenzy and I, understanding the magnitude of this, decided to delay the update for a week.  With the previous Richard Sherman hoopla, the legendary Peyton Manning being apart of his third Superbowl and the NFL's best offense against the best defense left for much to write and read about. With that said, I watched the first half of the game and I remembered a few things: 1) I stayed up late to watch it and I do not recall any of the commercials.  2) The Broncos were shutout the entire first half and Bruno Mars is no Beyonce when it comes to halftime performances. Not so "Super" after all.

Back to business, when it comes to fashion, I'm no Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garçons or Alexander Mcqueen wearing type of fellow. At my size and with the length of my arms, often times I'm not left to choose my clothing.  It's more of, "This is what we have left in our big & tall section - good luck." As a collegiate athlete, typically the only events that required anything beyond sweats were end of the year team banquets. A few years back the NBA made a bold change that required a certain dress code when traveling to and from games. Some did not like the change; others praised it. Over here in Europe, some teams may or may not have a certain "game day dress code;" so you are at liberty to dress as you wish. With my particular club, we have a VIP session after each home game which is designed as more of a meet & greet for fans and sponsors of the team. We are required to wear something along the lines of jeans and a sweater/dress shirt/polo shirt.  Avery loose dress code if any. But, with us being here in France and perhaps our proximity to a fashion capital such as Paris, a few of my teammates seem to consistently outdo themselves.

Here we have 2 of top 3 best dressed guys on the team.  The top picture features shooting guard Kingsley with a nice ensemble of the dress shirt and a tie underneath the 'Bill-Cosby-esque' cardigan sweater.  On the court, he is a fearless player on both ends of the floor; he always provides a spark for us off the bench!

Next we have our reserve point guard Bryan who never fails to step outside of the box with his clothing here. Here we have a similar pairing of shirt and tie with Bryan goes with the ever so dapper bow tie.  It works well with his stocky frame.  He also chooses to keep the jet black cardigan unbuttoned and leaves the shirt untucked (quite the rebel). Finally, the handbag sets it all off. It gives him the look of having something important to do - don't be fooled. He was en route to the same place all the other underdressed gents (like myself) were headed to after the game! On the court he is perhaps the best defender I have played with.  He is an opposing point guards' nightmare the way he defends and picks up full court. Oh, hehe, if you're wondering what yours truly wears to post game affairs, you'll have to wait until I appear on the red carpet or at the ESPY's.

In other news, let's speak about the NBA All Star Weekend. We all know I like to dunk but I personally am not the best when it comes to slam dunk contests. I have a few tricks up my sleeve but the joy I get from dunking is not to show off my dunks; it's simply to hammer it down over top of a defender or defenders who have the intestinal fortitude to think they can oppose me. See below for a visual...

The Slam Dunk contest for sure has been under scrutiny over the past few years, that's no secret. In my opinion, it's because the superstars these days are reluctant to participate.  The most physically gifted player walking this earth named Lebron James is the one player that EVERYONE wants to see participate, but those cries have gone to no avail. This year features teams of dunkers based on conferences.  There will be no outright slam dunk champion, but a winning team and then a separate 'dunker of the night'.  The list of atrocities continue. You can view the complete list here. Finally, the All Star T-shirts, sorry, jerseys are simply an ugly idea. The majority of the players have admitted their disapproval of them. I hope they get phased out similar to the way introducing a new game ball did a few years ago.

I predict the East will win the All Star Game. Just my humble opinion. Don't go bet on it and lose 10 million like Floyd Mayweather!

Until next time my fellow readers! 

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